Useful Links

Resource HyperlinksComment
Quantum CountryInteresting format for learning; fairly detailed and requires strong linear algebra skills.
BCGExcellent primers including this one entitled “What Happens When ‘If’ Turns to ‘When’ in Quantum Computing?”
QC ReportGreat compendium of QC resources.
Fact Based InsightsAnother great compendium of QC resources.
The Qubit ReportAnother solid compendium of QC articles and resources.
LinkedIn LearningGood and approachable introductory tutorial.
Linear Algebra PrimerEssense of linear algebra videos on YouTube, from 3Blue1Brown. Great graphics to help visualize various transformations and calculations.
QC ResourcesCharming and approachable short videos on various introductory concepts, as posted by Anastasia Marchenkova.
Q-CTRL Black OpalExcellent set of tutorials with visual aids for understanding key quantum computing concepts.

Recommended Reading

Good intro book; quick/easy read and no linear algebra or familiarity with quantum mechanics required:

Quantum Computing (WIRED guides): How It Works and How It Could Change the World
by Amit Katwala

Another good intro book although the “for Everyone” is ambitious since it digs in a bit on quantum theory and math:

Quantum Computing for Everyone
by Chris Bernhardt

A deeper dive, but excellent overview of Quantum Computing. Exceptionally useful “Toolkit” sections which cover mathematical tools specifically necessary for Quantum Computing including details on linear algebra applications.

Quantum Computing: An Applied Approach
by Jack D. Hidary

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