What is “Quantum?”

How can Schrödinger’s cat be both alive and dead? What is Heisenberg so uncertain about? Why did Einstein say “God does not play dice with the universe?” Are Quantum Computers something we can build in the near term?

Watch this space to learn answers to these questions and follow developments in Quantum Computing. Click below to hear a recent interview.


I’m honored to be ranked the #8 global quantum voice and to be included among such an esteemed group.

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  • Shifting Quantum Investment Dynamics
    The Quantum industry is facing a challenging investment climate which will lead to some near-term pain. Read why here.
  • The Metaphysics of Quantum Computing
    This latest post approaches Quantum Computing from a philosophical perspective.  It’s an aspect of this field that originally gripped my attention and which underlies much of why quantum mechanics conjures such non-intuitive conclusions. 
  • A Review of ColdQuanta
    Given my overall assessment of ColdQuanta including its strong IP, broad and complementary offering, and prestigious existing customers (and revenues), I am assigning the highest rating to ColdQuanta at this time, with an Alpha of 0.95 which equates to an “Exceptional performance expected.”

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