What is “Quantum?”

How can Schrödinger’s cat be both alive and dead? What is Heisenberg so uncertain about? Why did Einstein say “God does not play dice with the universe?” Are Quantum Computers something we can build in the near term?

Watch this space to learn answers to these questions and follow developments in Quantum Computing. Click below to hear a recent interview.


I’m honored to be ranked the #8 global quantum voice and to be included among such an esteemed group.

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  • The Quantum Space Race
    Some have described the rapidly accelerating global push in Quantum Computing as a figurative “space race” given the potential reach of its computational power and its applications in drug development, logistics, material science, and its potential ability to overpower existing encryption techniques. However, this post is focused on the literal quantum space race – the increasing number of quantum devices in orbit and their profound applications.
  •         Quantum Computing Modalities – A Qubit Primer Revisited
    As noted in this post, there has been significant advancements in Quantum Computing hardware over the past year or so and I expect this momentum will continue in 2023.  Presently there are QCs with 10s to 100s of qubits, and the coherence, connect-ability and control on these early machines continues to improve.  There are various tradeoffs among the QC modalities, summarized in this post.
  • Quantum Computing “Noise”
    There are several significant challenges facing QC makers today, and “noise” is one of the most difficult to overcome.

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